The importance of pursuing medical education based on solid scientific evidence in the field of cellular therapy is well established yet not widely implemented, and thus reducing the possible impact and its effectiveness to society.


There have been many misconceptions about Cellular Therapies in particular to their distinct differences. This platform aims to educate the distinct differences in this field and is dedicated in providing training and current medical information on Cellular Therapies to our membership base.

Welcome to official platform of the International Association for
Cell Therapy (IACT)

IASCT (a sister association of IACT) is an association steadfast in realizing the aptitude for regenerative medicines and advanced therapies. As the committed voice of the sector, IASCT & IACT represents the interests of 700+ members across over 28 countries, including physicians, paramedics, therapists from small and large healthcare and medical centers, academic and research institutions, major wellness organizations, and influencer groups.